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Corporate Identity

The logo of Artura depicts the New Spirit and Joyful Future of Life!

The watermark showcases the name ARTURA along with a symbol formed out of the interlacement of two triangles, derived from the inspiration of letterform A portraying a New Found Energy, Rhythm and a Will to Excel!

Colour Orange captures the Joy of Life and Turquoise radiates Power of Healing, Strength and Trust

The visual identity communicates the central meaning of ARTURA which is NOBLE.

" To Help Living Beings Lead Happier Lives "

Core Ideology

Our Core Ideology is a unison of our Purpose and Core Values. Purpose defines the reason for our existence and the Timeless Core Values define the path to be trodden while fulfilling the Purpose.

Our Purpose

To Help Living Beings Lead Happier Lives.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity in every Thought, Word and Deed.

  • Candour in Collaboration & Communication.

  • Encouragement of Individual Initiative & Meritocracy.

  • Profitable Growth to aid in our Service to Humanity.

  • Safety of Individual and Environment.

  • Lean & Efficient Organisational Structure.

  • Innovation & Creativity in Process, Products and Packaging.


Our Quest for the Best

At Artura each product is nurtured with the care and devotion of a new born child.

New Products are developed by our expert In-House Formulation Development team and tested for long term stability. Upon successful development, products are approved for commercial production.

The products are manufactured with best-in-class equipment and monitored with sophisticated instruments. Each aspect of the product is tracked during every step of its inception through a world class Quality Assurance System which ensures that all products are certified based on their compliance with international norms. The inherent quality of the product is further preserved with the most suitable and aesthetic packaging.

Artura's endeavour is towards producing only the best quality of medicines.

Quality System

Artura's Quality Systems are designed based upon International Quality Guidelines such as:


  • ICH

  • PIC/S


All finished products are compliant with global product specifications as outlined in the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

" Enhancing Lives Globally "

Artura Pharmaceuticals

Enhancing Lives Globally

ARTURA (aah-TYOO-rah) means NOBLE. Artura Pharmaceuticals stands apart as a distinguished pharmaceutical company known for its noble pursuit towards enhancing life through trusted medicines at fair prices. Our commitment is towards every individual who seeks to alleviate illness and elevate one's quality of life. We stand for Dignity in our Every Action - Conception, Expression and Execution. We are driven by our individual morals and operate through our collective values.

Purpose is what Defines us, Values are what Guide us and our Vision is what Drives us towards our Quest for Excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We constantly strive towards fulfilling our dreams of being an admirable pharmaceutical company on the path of progress towards the betterment of humanity. We believe that profits are important for sustainable growth but not at the expense of one’s own conscience. Artura's CSR endeavour contributes to the overall well being of human communities.



Facility Overview

Artura's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is situated on a 16,500 Sqm land mass at Sri City SEZ. Ideally located at an hour's drive from Chennai and with easy access to Sea Ports & Airports, Artura is positioned to seamlessly serve the global healthcare needs.

Facility Highlights
  • Located in a World Class Special Economic Zone enabling easy Imports & Exports.
  • UKMHRA / EUGMP Compliant Quality Systems.
  • Designed for Lean Manufacturing & Quick Turnaround Time.
  • Access to two major International Airports (Chennai & Tirupati) and three major Sea Ports (Chennai, Ennore & Krishnapatnam).
  • Common Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Continuous Treated & Drinking Water Supply
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

Dosage Forms
  • Phase I - Non-Betalactam Oral Solid Dosage Plant for manufacture of Tablets, Capsules & Dry Syrups.
  • Phase II - Injectables & Opthalmic Preparations
  • Phase III - Syrups & Creams.

Facility Details

Facility Details and Equipment List of our Non-Betalactam Oral Solid Dosage Form Facility.

  • 16,500 Square Metres of Land area
  • Over 6,000 Square Metres of Constructed Building area
  • Manufacture of Non-Betalactam Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups
  • Material Transfer Lifts for Raw Materials & Finished Goods
  • Unidirectional Flow of Operations
  • Flame Proof Manufacturing areas
  • Unique Automatic Solvent Dispensing System
  • Formulation R&D area
  • Dedicated Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
Production & Formulation R&D
  • Fluid Bed Processor
  • Fluid Bed Driers
  • Rapid Mixers & Granulators
  • Blenders with Material Transfer System
  • Tablets Compression Machines
  • Automatic Coating Machines
  • Automatic Capsules Filling Machines
  • Packing Machines - Blister, Alu-Alu, Strip
  • Inkjet Carton Coding Machines
Quality Control
  • HPLCs with Autosampler
  • GC with Head Spaces Analyser
  • FTIR Spectrophotometer
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Dissolution Apparatus
  • Dedicated Microbiology Section
  • Stability Chambers
  • HVAC System Comprising of 32 AHU's & 4 FDV's from Flaktwoods
  • Purified Water System comprising of RO, EDI, Continuous Distribution Loop System
  • Air Cooled Chillers
  • Air Compressors
  • Boiler
  • Generator

Facility Gallery

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Artura's OSD manufacturing facility has received various International GMP Certifications:
  • PIC/s (Ukraine)
  • NDA (Uganda)
  • PPB(Kenya)
  • NAFDAC(Nigeria)
  • FDA(Philippines)
  • MOH(Yemen)
  • NMRA(Sri Lanka)
  • DNPL(Ivory Coast)
  • WHO-GMP (India)

Artura is scheduled to undertake the following audits in the near future:
  • EU-GMP
  • TFDA(Tanzania)




  • Uzbekistan
  • Tajikistan

Middle East

  • Yemen
  • Iraq

South America

Eastern Europe

South East Asia


Latin America


Latest Updates - PIC/s Approved! | Cameroon Launch | IPHEX 2017 | Artura launches therapeutic brands in Ivory Coast & Senegal | Stall F-63 at IPHEX 2016 | Dominican Republic Market foray | Honourable CM inaugurates Artura facility | Burkina Faso Business | STALL C - 35 at IPHEX 2015 | Artura commences Myanmar Business with 25 products | Artura launches 18 products in Guinea | Artura participating in IPHEX 2015

July 15 : 2017

PIC/s Approved!

Artura's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility gets approved with the prestigious PIC/s certification!

June 19 : 2017

Cameroon Launch

The launch of 5 new products (3 brands) marked Artura's entry into the Cameroon market.

April 10 : 2017

IPHEX 2017

Artura invites all friends and business associates to visit our Stall D210 & 211 (Hall 2) at IPHEX 2017, Hyderabad between April 27th and 29th, 2017.



Our Work Philosophy

A sincere commitment to learn, get mentored and to serve customers wilfully is embedded in the DNA of the organisation. We focus our energies towards perfection in every action and long term achievement. Constant guidance from Subject Matter Experts and Industry Specialists ensures that the path taken is always the right one. Collective achievement is considered the dipstick for corporate excellence.

Reach Us

Now is the perfect time to join an evolving organisation which is poised to enter the next phase of growth! Our work culture promises to allow you to learn, grow and evolve your career into a fulfilling and enriching experience!

We currently have technical openings in - Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Warehouse & Engineering. Apply with your updated resumes to "".


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